Xi'an - The Terracotta army / Het Terracotta leger

Bezienswaardigheden Bezienswaardigheden in China

So if you go to the Army and you will go without a guide you will probably follow the main crowd or the info/books you have and even if you have a tour guide you will probably walk the normal route which is: Pit 1, Pit 2, Pit 3.

Our guide took us a little different though, to prevent a dissapointment!
Go to Pit 2 first and then Pit 3 because these are the smaller ones and less dug out. If you go out Pit 3 you can walk back and see an exit of Pit 1. Go down here to arrive in the back (north-west corner) of the Pit. Walk your way to the front and be amazed by the view from the platform!

This way you are building up and it is way more interesting and impressive.

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